Pavan Aduri
Algorithms, Computational Theory and Complexity, Big Data Analytics
Assistant Teaching Professor
Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistics
Forrest Sheng Bao
Assistant Professor
Natural Language Processing (NLP), Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Applied Machine Learning in Biology and Medicine
Samik Basu
Formal Methods, Model Checking
Georgi Batinov
Assistant Teaching Professor
User Modeling, Quantitative Human-Computer Interaction
Ying Cai photo
Associate Professor
Databases, Networks, privacy and safety
woman in blue suit coat in green field
Associate Teaching Professor, Director of Distance Education
Computer Technologies, Distance Learning
Associate Professor & Associate Chair for Education
Theory of Distributed Computing, Algorithms and Lower Bounds
Model Checking and Verification, Probabilistic Models, Petri Nets
Picture of Myra Cohen
Professor, Lanh & Oanh Nguyen Endowed Chair of Software Engineering
Software Engineering, Software Testing
Oliver Eulenstein
Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Combinatorial Optimization
Assistant Professor
Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Machine Learning, Data Mining, Security and Privacy
Xiaoqiu Huang photo
Ali Jannesari
Assistant Professor
Parallel Computing and HPC, Deep Learning, Software Engineering
Yan-Bin Jia
Robotics, Manipulation and Control, Mechanics
Steve Kautz
Teaching Professor
Concurrency, Self-Assembly, Algorithmic Randomness
James Lathrop
Assistant Professor
Molecular Programming, Information Theory, HCI and Computer Gaming
Photo of Wei Le
Associate Professor
Program Analysis, Software Engineering, Deep Learning
Assistant Professor
Data Mining, Text Mining, NLP
Jack Lutz
Theoretical Computer Science, Molecular Programming
Robyn Lutz
Software Engineering, Molecular Programming, Safety-Critical Systems & Product Lines
Chenglin Miao's Headshot
Assistant Professor
Internet of Things (IoT), security & privacy, and Machine Learning
Andrew S Miner photo
Associate Professor
Model Checking and Verification, Petri Nets
Teaching Professor
Software Systems, Software Engineering Technologies
Assistant Professor
Differential Privacy, Secure Federated Learning, Responsible AI
Gurpur Prabhu photo
Associate Professor
Parallel Processing, Information Integration and Information Retrieval, Applications of Special Relativity.
Christopher Quinn
Assistant Professor
Machine Learning, Probabilistic Models, Information Theory
Kingland Professor and Department Chair
Data Science, Programming Languages, Software Engineering
Jeremy Sheaffer photo
Assistant Teaching Professor
High Performance Computing, Graphics Architecture
Adisak Sukul photo
Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Computer ScienceĀ 
AI, ML, and Data Science
Assistant Teaching Professor
Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering
Wallapak Tavanapong
Data Sciences, Applied Machine Learning, Multimedia Systems
Jin Tian
Associate Professor
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, causal inference
Nok Wongpiromsarn
Assistant Professor
Formal Methods, Control theory, Autonomous Systems
Wensheng Zhang photo
Associate Professor
Networks, Cloud Compting, Applied Cryptography