External Advisory Council

The Computer Science External Advisory Council was formed in 2010 to assist the department in the following ways:

  • Gain insight and offer input into the mission, programs, and activities of the department;
  • Facilitate the department in establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals and corporations;
  • Actively participate in department fund raising efforts;
  • Assist in identifying and prioritizing resource needs of the department;
  • Participate in EAB online discussions and attend the annual on-campus caucus to be held each Spring;
  • Represent the department to the ISU community at large as well as to external organizations
George Strawn

George Strawn (EAC chair) is a former Department Chair of Computer Science, Director of the Computation Center at ISU, Professor. He then spent a number of years in various positions at NSF, that last of which was on detail to OSTP as co-chair of the Networking and IT Research and Development (NITRD) subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council and also as director of the National Coordination Office, which staffs the NITRD subcommittee. After retiring from NSF, he recently became board director for the National Academies' Board on Research Data and Information.

photo of John Gustafson John Gustafson is currently the CTO at Ceranovo, Inc. Previously he served as the Senior Fellow and Chief Product Architect for AMD, and as research director for Intel Research. John is well known in High Performance Computing (HPC), having introduced the first commercial cluster system in 1985 and having first demonstrated 1000x, scalable parallel performance on real applications in 1988, for which he won the inaugural Gordon Bell Award. He received the IEEE Computer Society's Golden Core Award in 2007. John is the inventor of Gustafson's Law, which proved that parallelism among processors can solve larger problems. He also played a critical role in the ABC reconstruction project at ISU.
photo of Tom Miller Tom Miller has a long career in computing, including designing Microsoft's NTFS file system and implementing it in a small team for the first version of Windows NT (now Windows 7). He also designed and implemented the Windows Cache Manager. He is currently working on an advanced file system incubation project. He has been an avid supporter of Save the Children for over 20 years, and has visited programs in Azerbaijan and Georgia, Myanmar (Burma), and Malawi. He recently participated in a Jimmy Carter Habitat for the Humanities build in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
photo of John Paule John Paule is an accomplished and successful corporate and community leader. He has built strong general management skills with specific expertise in information technology, sales, marketing, and financial management. John retired as Executive Vice President with FBL. An active community leader in West Des Moines, John works with such organizations as the Rotary Club and Hospice of Central Iowa. John is past president of West Des Moines Community School District, West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, and West Des Moines Rotary.
photo of Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor has invented and patented mobile device technologies, and started and advised several startup companies. The Iowa State University computer science graduate now serves the U.S. Department of State as a senior adviser, innovation and entrepreneurship, in the Office of Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State. Taylor is president of Taylor-Deininger Partners Inc., a consultancy focused on advising senior executives and board members on strategic issues relating to technology manufacturing and design operations, new market opportunities, and intellectual property portfolio development. Taylor earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State in 1984. She also holds a master's degree in public affairs from the University of Texas' LBJ School. - See more at: http://www.news.iastate.edu/news/2011/mar/Taylor
Ron Wolf

Ron Wolf has been a Technology Executive for the past 20 years, and hands on practitioner in 8 San Francisco Bay Area startups as well as for dozens of consulting clients ranging from the Fortune 100 to raw startups with big ideas. Specializing in team building and in creating database, Middleware, Web (SOA & SAAS), and IT Management products, Ron turns new architectural possibilities into products with real value.

Jeremy Thompson Jeremy Thompson has had a long career in technology doing consulting, design, and development of solutions for companies that range from startups to fortune 500 companies around the world. He currently serves as the Chief Architect for the John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group focused on the development and integration of cutting edge technologies like edge computing, computer vision, connectivity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors, and robotics that help farmers address the demand to sustainably feed a growing world.
Greg Shannon

Dr. Greg Shannon is the Chief Scientist for the CERT® Division at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute, expanding cyber security research, advancing national and international research agendas, and promoting efficient cyber security.

Shannon serves on the U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. He recently served in the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy as the Assistant Director for Cyber security Strategy and led the development of the 2016 Federal Cyber security Research and Development Strategic Plan. He has testified before the U.S. Congress on cyber security, science for security, critical infrastructure, resilience, and cyber threats.

Shannon received a BS in Computer Science from Iowa State University with minors in mathematics, economics, and statistics. He earned his MS and PhD in Computer Sciences at Purdue University, with a Packard Foundation fellowship. He is a member of the ACM and a Senior Member of IEEE.