Systems Analyst II
System Support Group, Server Administratation, Cybersecurity and Privacy
Administrative Specialist, Office Manager & Assistant to the Chair
HR, Office Management
Bridgette Hare
Administrative Specialist
Computer Science
Academic Adviser - Computer Science
Academic Advising
Deb Holmes photo
Academic Adviser - Computer Science
Undergraduate Programs
Photo of Carol Kersey
Graduate Program Assistant
Graduate Programs
Photo of Nicole Lewis
Graduate Program Administrator
Graduate Programs, Student Affairs, Academic Advising
Kristine Loes
Cost Center Manager Computer Science and Math
Photo of Trevor Luster
Systems Support Specialist III
Systems Support Group
Sita Molacek photo
Academic Adviser - Computer Science
Undergraduate Programs
Academic Adviser - Data Science
Undergraduate Programs
Alumni, Industry, and K-12 Outreach Coordinator
Outreach, Alumni, Communications
Secretary II - Computer Science
Undergraduate Programs, Hourly Payroll, Help Room