Student Advisory Council


The Computer Science Undergraduate Student Advisory Council serves as a liaison between the Computer Science Department and Computer Science students. Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss student issues and concerns and to provide valuable feedback regarding the Department of Computer Science program and services. Input from the Council is communicated to the Computer Science Chair, faculty, staff, and the External Advisory Board (EAB), with the intention of providing continuous program improvement. 

Student Advisory Council Members

  • Aubrey Uriel Sijo-Gonzales - Chair
  • Ganesh Prasad
  • Kathryn M Rohlfing
  • Samuel R Husted
  • Neha Maddali

Council Responsibilities

Council members are expected to provide feedback on:

  1. Classroom learning environment
  2. Laboratory and recitation environment
  3. Student-teacher, advising staff, and administrator relationships
  4. Student activities and opportunities
  5. Student professional improvement and opportunities
  6. Course offerings
  7. Academic and career advising
  8. Maintaining the relevance of the program’s educational objectives and desired student outcomes with regards to ABET