Addressing Resource Allocation Problem in IMA Software Design


Rockwell Collins, a company known for its leadership in design and development of aviation electronics, has provided funding for nine months to the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University to address resource allocation problems in IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics) software. 

The main motivation of the project is to identify optimal allocation of resources to multiple software applications each with its specific requirements in terms of CPU utilization, memory, bandwidth and reliability, etc. The project investigators at ISU are Samik Basu, Andrew S. Miner and Johnny S. Wong from Department of Computer Science. A PhD student Ryan Babbitt (who received a research excellence award in Fall 2006 for his MS research) will actively participate in the project and will work with technical staff at Rockwell Collins to better understand the IMA software and its requirements. The project will involve understanding various formal method based optimization tools and techniques, e.g. theorem provers, investigate their applicability in the IMA resource allocation problem and develop methodologies to address the problem. 

Award Amount: