Server Comparison

  Number of CPUs RAM (GB) OS Compiler Restrictions Notes 8 12 Fedora 35 64-bit

gcc: 11.3.1

java: 8, 11, 19

CPU time: 12 hrs

process mem: 8GB

Five nodes, pyrite-n[1 through 4] can be accessed directly.

This is the primary daily-use linux cluster for students and faculty. 16 48 Windows 2019 Server

java: 8, 11

python: 3.8

  4-node cluster, use remote desktop to connect.

Quick FAQ

How do I connect to a Linux/Mac server?

SSH from *NIX or putty from Windows.

How do I connect to a Windows server?

Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) from Windows, rdesktop from Linux or Remote Desktop from Mac.

How do I check the CPU and Memory limits on a machine?

For UNIX machines, you can run ulimit -a at the terminal. See this page for more information.