Pearson Labs

Pearson Hall Basement Labs

Lab OS Seats
Pearson 0105 Windows 10 27
Pearson 0108 Windows 10 20
Pearson 0109 Windows 10 27
Pearson 0113 Windows 10 19
Pearson 0141 Windows 10 11
Pearson 0158 Windows 10 24


  • Computer Lab hours may vary when school is not in session.
  • Curent Computer Science Majors with valid RFID cards may request additional access outside of regular hours.


Collaboration Space

Collaboration Space Reservations Notes
Pearson 0102 Click here to reserve. 48-inch LCD, Large Whiteboard.
Pearson 0112 Click here to reserve. 48-inch LCD, Scanner, Couch, Multiple Whiteboards. (The west side of the room is reservable.)
Pearson 0145 No Reservations May be used for collaboration after 6 pm on weekdays (all day Sat/Sun). Two Small Whiteboards.
Peasron 0158 No Reservations back corner may be used after 6 pm on weekdays( all day Sat/Sun). Couch, Large Whiteboard.