An Introduction to the Computer Systems at COM S

Welcome to the ISU Department of Computer Science Systems Support Group Help pages. Students, faculty and staff of the Computer Science Department all have ISU accounts and Computer Science Department accounts for email and administrative purposes. These pages are designed to help users with the Computer Science Department.

System Support Group (SSG)

Email :

B0008 Atanasoff Hall

(515) 294-3203

Dean Lin

0125 Pearon Hall

(515) 294-3450

Miles Aronnax


Building Access

Computer Labs

Remote Access Servers

Computer Accounts

Use your ISU Net-ID account for resources from ITS such as CyFiles, CyMail, PaperCut, Blackboard, VPN, etc.

Computing Resources

Disk and Printing Quota

See Disk and Printing Quotas

Computer Services

Remote Connectivity

  • Linux: Users must use an SSH client to connect to the remote access cluster named or Faculty and staff may also connect to
  • Windows: Point Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (available for Windows and Mac OS) or rdesktop/tsclient (for Linux) to and login with your ISU net-ID and password. COM S 103 students should log into

Note: For Remote Desktop Client users: enteryour user name in DOMAIN\USERNAME format (e.g. IASTATE\user) to specify the domain you want to log in to.


We provide a variety of platforms to meet your computing needs. Use the comparison chart to decide where to run your code. 

We also provide SVN/Git, MySQL, web or dedicated virtual machine for group projects. Request this kind of service through your instructor.

File Access

Click this link for details.


Put your homepage.html or index.html in ~/WWW on Click this link for details.


Computer Science no longer offers email service for new accounts. You should use CyMail service from ISU.

Mailing Lists

Major Students: You email address should stay on one of our major lists:, (for SE major undergrad students), or Check the roster of a list at<list_name> (replace <list_name> with a real list name). If you are not on the list, send a blank email to <list_name> (example: from your ISU email. Please note you cannot send email to the list address.


Free Resources

DreamSpark (MSDNAA): Windows 7/8, Windows Server, Visual Studio, etc.

VMware VMAP: VMware Workstation, Player, Fusion, etc.

ISU site-licensed software: Redhat Enterprise Linux, Mathematica, MATLAB, etc. for Iowa State University: Video tutorials for Microsoft Office, C++, Java, Python, etc.

Got a Computer Problem?

Tip: It's always helpful to tell us as much information as you can in your email - what operation system you're running, any specific error message, the steps you took before you encountered the problem, etc.