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Thinking about choosing Computer Science as your major? Good idea! Computer Science majors look forward to careers as Software Developers, Computer & Information Systems Managers, Computer Programmers, Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects, just to name a few. The Computer Science major offers students a broad base of knowledge in computing, which is perfect for students who are not sure which area of computing they are most interested in. Once you find that area you like, your choice of computing electives will help you to establish a strong knowledge base. Or, you can choose a variety of elective courses in the major to strengthen your overall knowledge of computing.

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We recommend planning your visit at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can arrange the appointments you have requested and send you confirmation materials, travel instructions, and parking information.  

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Do you have a Computer Science Learning Community?

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