Zhu (Drew) Zhang

Graduate Faculty in Computer Science, Courtesy Associate Professor
Zhu (Drew) Zhang


Professor Zhang is a passionate researcher, teacher, and practitioner in the areas of big data analytics and artificial intelligence. His intellectual aspiration is to discover valuable knowledge and intelligence from massive amount of data available in various structures, genres and streams. In particular, his research focuses on computational models for textual data and their applications in various domains (e.g., business and healthcare).

In teaching business analytics and data management related courses, he enjoys sharing with his students real-world experience from leading IT companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Google.


Academic History

  • PH.D., Information and Computer Science, University of Michigan, 2005



  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data analytics
  • Data/text/web mining



Schulze Award 2015


Selected Publications


  • Zhang, Z., Guo, C.+, and Goes, P. (2013) "Product Comparison Networks for Competitive Analysis of Online Word-Of-Mouth", ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 3 (4):20. 
  • Zhang, Z., Li, X., and Chen Y. (2012) "Deciphering “Word”-of-Mouth in Social Media: Text-based Metrics of Consumer Reviews", ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 3 (1):5. 
  • Abbasi, A.+, Zhang, Z., Zimbra, D., Chen, H., and Nunamaker, J. (2010) "Detecting Fake Websites: the Contribution of Statistical Learning Theory", MIS Quarterly, 34 (2)
  • Zhang, Z. and Wetherbe, J. (2015) "Data Analytics Help Entrepreneurs Decide Where to Boldly Go", Entrepreneur and Innovation Exchange,
Area of Expertise: 
Natural Language Processing
Information Retrieval
Machine Learning