Johnny Wong

Professor Emeritus
Johnny Wong

Johnny Wong is a retired Professor & Associate Chair of the Computer Science Department and Information Assurance and Human Computer Interaction Programs at Iowa State University. His research interests include Software Systems & Networking, Security & Medical Informatics. He has served as a member of program committee of various international conferences on software systems and computer networking. He was the program co-Chair of the COMPSAC 2006 and General co-Chair of the COMPSAC 2008 conference, the IEEE Signature Conference on Computer Software and Applications. He was also the Program co-Chair of ICOST 2008 and was General co-Chair of SAINT 2012. He has served as external grant reviewers for NSF and journal and conference papers reviewers for various journals and conferences. 

Career Highlights:

  1. Research and teaching interests in Medical Informatics, Systems and Network Security and Smart Home Technologies.
  2. US Patent, Colonoscopy Video Processing for Quality Metrics Determination, Patent No. 7,894,648 B approved on Feb. 22, 2011.
  3. One of 4 founders of EndoMetric Corporation, developing software for medical imaging and video processing technologies.
Area of Expertise: 
Ph.D., University of Sydney, NSW Australia, 1987
M.S., University of Sydney, NSW Australia, 1982
B.S., The University of Hong Kong, 1977