Undergraduate Computer Science Advising Center

Welcome to the Computer Science Advising Center!

Student Services

The Advising Center, which is located in 123 Atanasoff, strives to help students who are majoring in Computer Science achieve their educational goals. Academic Advisers in the Advising Center can help students with:

  • Registering for classes
  • Transfer course information
  • Understanding degree program requirements
  • Finding university resources
  • Making academic decisions and finding solutions to academic problems
  • Navigating university, college, and departmental systems
  • Changing majors
  • Personal concerns

We know life happens and sometimes it can bring stress and frustration. Turn to us if things get overwhelming. We'll help you sort out the issues and problems and help you connect with available campus resources.

How do I find out who is my Academic Advisor?

Log-in to AccessPlus and click on "Current Student Information." 

How do I Schedule an Appointment?

  • Step 1: Log in to AccessPlus
  • Step 2: Click “ISU Appointments”
  • Step 3: Read message and click “Continue”
  • Step 4: Click “Request Appointment”
  • Step 5: Continue through prompts
  • Step 6: Select your location: 123 Atanasoff
  • Step 7: Select your adviser
  • Step 8: Add reason for meeting in box
  • Step 9: Select if you would like an email or text reminder

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Deb Holmes

Sita Molacek

Jenny Macken

Academic Adviser

Phone: 515.294.1098
Email: dkholmes@iastate.edu
Office: 123 Atanasoff

Academic Adviser

Phone: 515.294.3004
Email: sriblet@iastate.edu
Office: 123 Atanasoff

Academic Adviser

Phone: 515.294.2274
Email: jennym@iastate.edu
Office: 123 Atanasoff