Two Undergraduate Research Assistants in the Department of Computer Science Selected to Participate in Capitol Poster Presentation

February 26, 2007

Two undergraduates at Iowa State University performing undergraduate research in the Department of Computer Science are selected to participate in the second annual "Research in the Capitol" event at the Iowa State House in Des Moines on Monday March 5, 2007. This competitive selection was based on the abstract of their research. 

Bancha Dougratanaex-Chai, a Spring'07 graduating senior in Computer Science, will give a presentation entitled "Endoscopy Multimedia Information System (EMIS)". He is engaged in undergraduate research with Dr. Wallapak Tavanapong and Dr. Johnny Wong in the Department of Computer Science. 

Alyson Young, a research assistant in the Laboratory for Software Design, will present her work on "Identifying mismatching Between Software Engineering Artifacts Using Concern Models". This is a collaborative work with her research advisor Dr. Hridesh Rajan and Ph.D. student Juri Memmert in the Department of Computer Science. 

Early in his tenure at ISU, President Geoffrey stipulated that undergraduate research was one of his strategic priorities. The Department of Computer Science was among the first to offer promising undergraduate students exciting opportunities to actively collaborate with graduate researchers and faculty in groundbreaking research. A number of undergraduates are currently engaged in scientific inquiries in computer science laboratories. 

By presenting their work at the Capitol in Des Moines, Dougratanaex-Chai and Young have the opportunity to accentuate the significance of undergraduate research and scholarship to the important issues of the day to legislators, reporters and university administrators.