Top Problem Solver Award to Susan Maslo and Yuxiang Zhang

May 3, 2017

L to R: Computer Science Chair, Dr. Gianfranco Ciardo; Susan Maslo; Yuxiang Zhang; and Professors, Simanta Mitra, and Gurpur Prabhu 


Susan Maslo and Yuxiang Zhang have been recognized as the 2016 Top Problem Solvers by the Department of Computer Science. They have been selected for their continued ability to demonstrate exceptional performance under time constraints, at solving problems that are at the difficulty level of programming contests (such as the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) throughout their time here at ISU.

While it is not required that students receiving this award must have participated in a programming contest, both Maslo and Zhang have competed in the regional ACM-International Collegiate Programming Competition (ACM-ICPC), and Zhang will be competing for the second time in the ACM-ICPC World Finals.

Only seniors are eligible to receive this award, and they must be nominated by a faculty member to be considered. Top Problem Solver recognition consists of a certificate accompanied by a monetary award. 

This year's Top Problem Solver Award is sponsored by the Department of Computer Science. Pictured from L to R: Computer Science Professor and Department Chair, Dr. Gianfranco Ciardo, Susan Maslo, Yuxiang Zhang, Senior Lecturer and ISU’s ACM-ICPC Programming Team Advisor, Dr. Simanta Mitra, and Associate Professor, Dr. Gurpur Prabhu.

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