Thomas Jay Miller Honored with Citation of Merit

November 2, 2017

Ames, Iowa—Iowa State University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences honored Thomas Jay Miller with a Citation of Merit at an honors and awards ceremony on October 26, 2017 in Ames, Iowa. The award recognizes distinguished alumni of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and received national or international recognition.

Miller was part of the team that delivered a “from scratch” version of a new Windows implementation in 1993 called Windows NT. On this project he was the architect and key implementer of the NTFS file system and cache manager.

He has been working as a senior software architect at Microsoft Corporation since 1989. Most recently he was the initial architect and developer of a new ultra-reliable file system called ReFS, which is now the default file system on Windows Server.

Prior to working for Microsoft he co-founded Paranor AG, a software consulting startup in Bern, Switzerland. The company, which is still successful today almost 40 years later, began with developing a product for factory automation for automobile manufacturers and went on to deliver real time software products for banks, the power company, PTT and the Swiss Army.

Miller started his career as one of the first college hires in the Digital Equipment Corporation’s small software division working on a 16-bit operating system called RSX-11M. After two years he became the technical lead for the RSX-11M kernel.

He graduated from Iowa State in 1972 with his degree in Computer Science. He went on to get his MS in Computer Science in 1974 from the University of Illinois.

Now semi-retired, he has been happy to devote more time to supporting his favorite nonprofits, Save the Children and Habitat for Humanity as well as serving on the board of a local progressive political organization.

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