Technology in 2025: Designing the Future

Brian David Johnson
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 8:00pm
Great Hall, Memorial Union
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Brian David Johnson was the first futurist at the Intel Corporation, where he worked for a decade helping design over 2 billion microprocessors. As an applied futurist, Johnson has worked with governments, militaries, trade organizations, start-ups and multinational corporations to not only help envision their future, but to help develop an actionable 10-15 year vision. His work is called future-casting, and he uses ethnographic field studies, technology research, cultural history, trend data, global interviews and even science fiction to provide a pragmatic roadmap of the future. He is currently the futurist in residence at Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination and a professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. National Affairs Series.


Along with reinventing TV, Brian David Johnson has been pioneering development in artificial intelligence, robotics, and using science fiction as a design tool. He speaks and writes extensively about future technologies in articles and scientific papers as well as science fiction short stories and novels. He is a columnist for IEEE Computer Magazine and Successful Farming, where he is the “Farm Futurist.” Johnson holds more than 30 patents and is the author of both science fiction and fact books (Humanity in the Machine, 21st Century Robot, Vintage Tomorrows and Science Fiction Prototyping). He has contributed articles to publications like The Wall Street Journal, Slate, and Wired Magazine and appears regularly on Bloomberg TV, PBS, FOX News, and the Discovery Channel.


Colleges of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Business, Design, Engineering, Human Sciences, and Liberal Arts & Sciences; Information Technology Services; Office of Economic Development and Industry Relations; Software Engineering;Office of Sustainability; Political Science; Economics; The Green Umbrella; National Affairs Series and Committee on Lectures (funded by Student Government)

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