Susan Chang Named LAS Master Teacher, 2009-10

August 23, 2009

Susan Chang, CS department lecturer, was named a 2009-10 LAS Master Teacher this fall. 

Shu-Hui (Susan) Chang, director of distance education and senior lecturer in computer science. Chang gained an in-depth expertise in novel learning technologies and their effectiveness during her Ph.D. study, and published her paper in a top-tier journal. She developed extensive experience teaching a very large online course (Com S 103) with approximately 1,000 students and maintained a high student satisfaction rate each semester at ISU for more than five years. She received two international awards: Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Course Program Awards in 2007 and 2008. She also received the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate Introductory Teaching Award in 2008. Com S 103 covers knowledge units of modern computers and software, and their impacts on society, ethical issues, and applications. Such a course provides important skills to students that help them succeed in life and in their majors. Chang designed and taught the entirely online Com S 201 (COBOL Programming) and was also instrumental in the conversion of Com S 107 (Visual Basic Programming) from a face-to-face course to a web-based version under her charge as Director of Distance Learning in the department. She has used innovative technologies, employing emerging pedagogies such as on-demand and active learning, and devised effective teaching methodologies to make these courses successful on campus. The technologies and methodologies facilitate student learning, student-to-instructor interaction, and student-to-student interaction by creating small communities where students share their experiences.