Sayem Mohammad Imtiaz

Graduate Student
Photo of Sayem Mohammad Imtiaz

Sayem is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University. He is currently working in the Laboratory for Software Design    under the supervision of Dr. Hridesh Rajan. His research interests are focused on the intersection of software engineering and deep learning. Specifically, he is dedicated to advancing the field of software engineering for AI and ML, with the ultimate goal of improving ML software development practices. To achieve this, he employs a range of scientific methods, including those aimed at promoting the efficient reuse of ML artifacts, increasing the comprehensibility of AI models, and more. Through his work, Sayem is contributing to the ongoing evolution of ML software for the better. 

Area of Expertise: 
Software Engineering
Programming Languages
M.S., Computer Science, Mississippi State University, USA, 2019
B.S., Computer Science & Engineering, Chittagong Uni of Eng & Tech, Bangladesh, 2013