Sayem Mohammad Imtiaz

PhD Student
Photo of Sayem Mohammad Imtiaz

Sayem is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University, currently pursuing his research in the Laboratory for Software Design under the supervision of Dr. Hridesh Rajan. His primary focus lies at the intersection of software engineering and deep learning, specifically in developing the concept of modularity, modular reasoning, and separate and incremental processes for deep learning. By exploring modular deep learning, Sayem aims to unlock several advantages, such as efficiently reengineering large models, improving comprehensibility and explainability, and enabling independent development and testing. His recent findings demonstrate the potential to decompose NLP models into modules, significantly enhancing reusability within the deep learning domain.



Sayem Mohammad Imtiaz, Fraol Batole, Astha Singh, Rangeet Pan, Breno Dantas Cruz, and Hridesh Rajan, "Decomposing a Recurrent Neural Network into Modules for Enabling Reusability and Replacement," ICSE’23: The 45th International Conference on Software Engineering, Melbourne, Australia, May, 2023. 

Area of Expertise: 
Software Engineering
AI Engineering
Deep Learning
Computer Science
M.S., Computer Science, Mississippi State University, USA, 2019
B.S., Computer Science & Engineering, Chittagong Uni of Eng & Tech, Bangladesh, 2013