Workshop on Computing Curricula 2001



This grant provides support for the CC2001 computer science curriculum project, which is a joint undertaking of the Computer Society of the IEEE and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM to develop new curricular guidelines for undergraduate programs in computing. The funds are being used to cover the cost of a four-day workshop to provide the opportunity for the working groups associated with CC2001 to engage in face-to-face meetings for the purpose of developing the final report. At the conclusion of the workshop, the steering committee for CC2001 will put the final report together for approval by the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM Executive Council. The final report for CC2001 will be published by the IEEE and widely disseminated nationally to all computer science departments. It will used as the basis for computer science accreditation and curriculum reform.

2000-06-15 to 2001-05-31
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