CAREER: Strategies for Caching Information on Distributed Systems



Digital information has become an inseparable part of our daily life due to significant advances in affordable high-speed internetworking technologies, high performance computer and peripherals, and the World-Wide Web. The explosive growth of the Web has imposed a heavy demand on networking resources and Web servers, resulting in long delays when requesting remote Web services.

This project will develop an integrated research and education program that investigates various effective and efficient strategies for caching information on distributed system such as Web caching to reduce service delays and wide-area-network bandwidth consumption. The research work will focus on (i) gaining a deep understanding of important and unexplored characteristics of Web usage; (ii) developing accurate performance models of these characteristics to measure the effectiveness of existing and newly developed caching strategies; (iii) designing novel load-balancing techniques that best utilize the aggregated capabilities of distributed systems including cache servers and client machines; and (iv) developing scalable technologies for video caching. Performance of these techniques will be measured via simulation and experimentation. The research efforts will have a significant impact on the evolution of the Web.

The education part of the program is centered around various strategies to motivate and retain potential students for the graduate program that emphasizes quality research. Through a healthy synergy of both research and education efforts, the PI will influence students through teaching and student mentoring, contribute to the research community, and impact the general public.

2001-02-01 to 2006-01-31
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