Gurpur Prabhu

Associate Professor
Gurpur Prabhu photo

Gurpur Prabhu has been on the faculty of the department of Computer Science at Iowa State University since 1983. He obtained his bachelors degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, his masters degree in computer science from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, and his doctoral degree in computer science from Washington State. He has a broad range of interests in computer science and information technology and has published numerous research papers and a textbook on computer architecture and machine-level programming. He has taught courses on object-oriented programming, parallel and distributed computing, and operating systems. He has also conducted workshops and tutorials on business transformation and 3-tier client/server architecture at national and international conferences. He has been researching the area of innovative information technologies during the last decade. His interdisciplinary efforts in IT have resulted in several publications in international conferences such as the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences and the International Conference on Systems Integration. With the advent of Internet-enabling technologies and E-commerce applications, his research effort in enterprise integration architecture has moved in the direction of developing semantic-based mechanisms to provide true collaborative management of information. While the Internet has connected islands of locally networked computer systems, Dr. Prabhu's focus is on logically bridging isolated islands of data. By making data easy to access and easy to process, Dr. Prabhu's research will advance the state of the art in the development of information fusion applications for scientific discovery using Grid computing, and decision-making domains such as biological sciences, E-commerce, E-governance, and information analysis for combating crime and terrorism. Dr. Prabhu has supervised the research work of several doctoral and masters students.

Area of Expertise: 
Parallel Processing
Information Integration and Information Retrieval
Applications of Special Relativity.
Ph.D., Computer Science, Washington State University, 1983