Poster Session: Showcasing Our Graduate Research

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Atanasoff Hall (Second Floor)

Computer Science Graduate Student Organization is organizing a poster presentation showcasing ongoing graduate research in the Department of Computer Science. We invite you to attend and share in the success of our graduate students.

What: Poster Presentation Showcasing Graduate Research

When: September 17, 2019

Where: 200 Atanasoff Hall, 2434 Osborn Dr, Ames, IA 50011-1090

This event will showcase several posters including but not limited to:

  • Hybridization Networks from Erroneous Trees by Alexey Martin
  • DeepRace: Finding Data Race Bugs via Deep Learning by Ali TehraniJamsaz 
  • UAV Power Optimization via Reinforcement Learning: An approach toward smart Agriculture by Amir Niaraki
  • Algorithmic Randomness in Continuous-time Markov Chains by Andrei Migunov
  • Models for Breast Cancer Multi-Classification for Precision Medicine by Azeez Idris
  • Development of a Semantic Scene Conversion Model for Image-based Localization by Dongyoun Kim
  • Disrupting Diffusion: Identifying Critical Nodes in a Social Network by Gaurav Raj
  • Byzantine-Resilient Stochastic Gradient Descent for Distributed Learning by Haibo Yang
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Non Redundant Protein Database by Hamid Bagheri
  • InvocMap: Mapping Method Names to Method Invocations via Machine Learning by Hung Phan
  • Making Images Resilient to Adversarial Example Attacks by Kang Zhou
  • Visualization of HPC File System Usage with Improved Performance by Li Zelong
  • Influence Maximization in Social Networks with Non-Target Constraints by Madhavan Rajagopal
  • Toward Efficient Online Scheduling for Distributed Machine Learning Systems by Menglu Yu
  • Adjustment Critetia for Recovering Causal Effects from Missing Data by Mojdeh Saadati
  • DNN Model Repair using Dynamic Symbolic Execution by Mohammad Wardat
  • Poisoning Attacks to Graph-Based Recommender Systems by Minghong Fang
  • Identifying Classes Susceptible to Adversarial Attacks on Deep Neural Network by Rangeet Pan
  • Crash-Resillient Decentralized Synchronous Runtime Verification by Ritam Ganguly
  • Semantics and Anomaly Preserving Sampling Strategy for Big Data by Shibbir Ahmed
  • The Art and Practice of Data Science Pipelines by Sumon Biswas
  • Accelerating Unit testing on Multicore CPUs and GPUs by Taghreed Bagies
  • Interlocking Safety Cases for Unmanned Autonomous Systems in Shared Airspaces by Wandi Xiong
  • How to Make Your Soup Compute pi by Xiang Huang
  • Measuring the Impact of Influence on Individuals: Roadmap to Quantifying Attitude by Xiaoyun Fu
  • Large Scale Study of Refactoring with Boa by Yijia Huang
  • Robotic Cutting: Mechanics and Control of Knife Motion by Yuechuan Xue
  • Feature Similarity: A Method to Detect Unwanted Feature Interactions Earlier in Software Product Lines by Zahra Khoshmanesh
  • ...

This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Computer Science, Kingland Systems, and ISU Graduate & Professional Student Senate. More information about the event can be obtained by contacting