Ph.D. Research Proficiency: Ye Tian

Ye Tian
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 1:00pm
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Trip-Vehicle Matching and Routing in Ride-Sharing Systems

Recently, ride-sharing has shown tremendous potential in reducing air pollution and alleviating traffic congestion. It enables multiple riders with similar itineraries to share the same vehicle to their respective destination(s), which brings the critical challenge: joint trip-vehicle matching and routing, i.e., how to group riders and assign them to drivers then find paths for drivers to deliver their passengers. We analyze realistic objectives and constraints in ride-sharing, then propose a framework that captures the most essential features to enable optimization algorithms.

Committee: Kevin Liu (co-major professor), Hridesh Rajan (co-major professor), Pavan Aduri, Qi Li, and Wensheng Zhang