Ph.D. Research Proficiency Exam: Qiao Qiao

Qiao Qiao
Friday, May 19, 2023 - 9:00am
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Relation-Aware Network with Attention-Based Loss for Few-Shot Knowledge Graph Completion

Few-shot knowledge graph completion (FKGC) task aims to predict unseen facts of a relation with few-shot reference entity pairs. Current approaches randomly select one negative sample for each reference entity pair to minimize a margin-based ranking loss, which easily leads to a zero-loss problem if the negative sample is far away from the positive sample and then out of the margin. Moreover, the entity should have a different representation under a different context. To tackle these issues, we propose a novel Relation-Aware Network with Attention-Based Loss (RANA) framework. Specifically, to better utilize the plentiful negative samples and alleviate the zero-loss issue, we strategically select relevant negative samples and design an attention-based loss function to further differentiate the importance of each negative sample. The intuition is that negative samples more similar to positive samples will contribute more to the model. Further, we design a dynamic relation-aware entity encoder for learning a context-dependent entity representation.

Committee: Qi Li (major professor), Hongyang Gao, Chris Quinn, Ying Cai, and Wensheng Zhang

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