Ph.D. Final Oral Exam: Xiaoyun Fu

Xiaoyun Fu
Wednesday, January 25, 2023 - 2:00pm
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Submodular Optimization Problems in the context of Social Influence

In this talk we conduct two directions of work in the context of social influence. In one direction, we study how information/influence diffuses in social networks and abstract the features with simplified mathematical models. We present an information diffusion model (Attitude-IC model) that quantifies the degree of influence, i.e., the attitude of individuals, in a social network. In the other direction, if we already have the information diffusion model, we study how we can maximally propagate information subject to various constraints. We studied 3 maximization problems under the Attitude-IC model: the attitude maximization problem, actionable attitude maximization problem, and θ-actor finding problem. We also studied fairness problems given any information diffusion models: the group influence maximization that captures fairness on the target end, and the representative submodular maximization problem that captures fairness on the source end.

Committee: Pavan Aduri (co-major professor), Samik Basu (co-major professor), Shawn Dorius, Qi Li, and Jia Liu.

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