Theoretical Foundations

Pavan Aduri
Professor, Director of Graduate Education
Algorithms, Computational Theory and Complexity, Big Data Analytics
Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Education
Theory of Distributed Computing, Algorithms and Lower Bounds
Professor, Chair of Faculty Search Committee
Model Checking and Verification, Probabilistic Models, Petri Nets
Oliver Eulenstein
Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Combinatorial Optimization
James Lathrop
Assistant Professor
Molecular Programming, Information Theory, HCI and Computer Gaming
Jack Lutz
Theoretical Computer Science, Molecular Programming
Andrew S Miner photo
Associate Professor
Model Checking and Verification, Petri Nets
Assistant Professor
Differential Privacy, Secure Federated Learning, Responsible AI
David Fernández-Baca photo
Professor Emeritus
Neil Lutz
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Kristin-Yvonne Rozier
Graduate Faculty in Computer Science, Courtsey Associate Professor
Theory of Computation, Software Engineering