Nagasharan Sathish

Graduate Student

I am currently pursuing a Computer Science degree at Iowa State University after completing my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. This unique academic journey has enriched my perspective, allowing me to bridge the gap between engineering principles and cutting-edge technology, and helped me in exploring the intersection of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

With over 4 years of experience as a Software Engineer, I have honed my skills in Python and Java programming. My passion lies in design, integration, and problem-solving, where I thrive in translating intricate business requirements into elegant technical solutions.

Beyond programming, my exposure to DevOps practices and familiarity with AWS cloud services and Oracle SQL Developer underscores my commitment to holistic software development. I am committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, combining the analytical mindset of an engineer with the creative thinking of a developer.

My diverse background empowers me to tackle challenges from multiple angles, ensuring that the solutions I contribute are robust, practical, and forward-looking. As I continue my journey in the realm of Computer Science, I am excited to collaborate with peers and mentors to drive impactful and sustainable change.

Area of Expertise: 
Computer Science
Computer Science
B.E. Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Engineering, 2017
+1 515 203 7364