Joshua D Ellis

PhD Student

Joshua Ellis is a graduate assistant in the Department of Computer Science Ph.D. program at Iowa State University. His research emphasis has been on the application of deep learning and machine learning methods, primarily focused on IR spectroscopy, which has resulted in multiple peer reviewed publications. He received a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2019 and a Master’s in Natural and Applied Science from Missouri State University (MSU) in 2021. He is a recipient of the NASA MOSGC graduate fellowship in 2020-2021. He started his academic career as an instructor in the Department of Computer Science at MSU during the 2021-2022 school year.


Area of Expertise: 
Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Computer Science
B.S., Computer Science, Missouri State University, 2019
M.S., Natural and Applied Science, Missouri State University, 2021