NSF Grant Supports Interdisciplinary SmartHome Project

September 28, 2009

Carl K. Chang (Com Sci), Johnny Wong (Com Sci), Peter Martin (Gerontology), 
Mack C. Shelley (Stat), and Simanta Mitra (Com Sci) have received a two-year 
NSF grant for $300,000 for "CPATH-1: Experimenting with an Open Platform for 
the New Interdisciplinary Study on Gerontechnology," an interdisciplinary 
project with the SmartHome Lab in the Computer Science department. The first 
year funding at $149,472 has been received per initial IRB approval. The 
second year funding is subject to an incremental IRB review and further NSF 
approval. This grant will serve as a pilot study curriculum initiative to 
inject computational thinking capability into computer science and 
gerontology disciplines with a plan to conduct, assess, and analyze the 
outcomes to guide future nationwide efforts. This project will create a new 
interdisciplinary curriculum track in Gerotechnology, culminating in an 
undergraduate certificate; transform the existing SmartHome Laboratory (SHL) 
at ISU into an open project platform, so that experiments and projects on 
the Smart Home can be run from remote locations; and, establish an open 
source community on software based on service-oriented architecture to allow 
for collaborative projects.