New Faculty Spotlight: Ashwin Kallingal Joshy

March 26, 2024

Meet Ashwin Kallingal Joshy, our new Lecturer. He started in February of 2024. He received a M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Iowa State University. His advisor was Dr. Wei Le. His research interests are in fault analysis and testing.

This semester, he is teaching COM S 230 (Discrete Computational Structures) and COM S 228 (Introduction to Data Structures).

“The great professors, helpful staff, and motivated students were a few of the things that drew me to the Department of Computer Science at ISU.”

What drew you to working for the Department of Computer Science here at Iowa State University?

As an ISU Alum, I had a great experience working with the people in the department. The great professors, helpful staff, and motivated students were a few of the things that drew me to the Department of Computer Science at ISU.

Having graduated from Iowa State University, you have lived in Ames for quite a few years before joining the Department as a Lecturer. What is your favorite thing about Ames?

Iowa State University and Ames have been my home for a long time now. I appreciate the strong sense of community in Ames. Small independent bookshops like Dog Eared Books, friendly pet stores like Treats on a Leash, outdoor gems like Ada Hayden Park, and cozy cafes like Morning Bell Coffee all exude a welcoming atmosphere. Friendly conversations flow readily in these places, making one feel like they've been embraced by a community of friends. Overall, the genuine warmth and friendly interactions make Ames a place where one feels welcomed, supported, and connected.

That’s great! Now that you are a Lecturer, what is one thing you want students to walk away with knowing after having taken your class?

Computer Science is a rapidly changing field, and it is important to instill a desire to inquire and learn about new topics themselves, as much as it is to introduce them to new concepts. Hence, I hope I'm able to inspire curiosity about the topics that they are learning and provide a general guideline on how to effectively tackle them.

Do you have any piece of advice for them to be able to achieve that, or be successful in your class?

Practice makes perfect. It will not only help you improve your understanding of a topic but also help in managing time.

What is one goal that you want to accomplish in 2024, as you transition to this next stage?

Since this is my first-year teaching, my goal for 2024 is to become good at teaching. I want to live up to my own expectations as well as the students.

That is a wonderful goal to have. Finally, what is something you enjoy doing outside of Computer Science?

I enjoy reading and listening to music.