Natalia Stakhanova receives the Best Student Paper Award at IEEE AINA 2007 for the paper co-authored by Samik Basu and Johnny Wong

July 5, 2007

The paper "A cost-sensitive model for preemptive intrusion response system" authored by Computer Science Ph.D. studentNatalia Stakhanova and Computer Science faculty Samik Basu and Johnny Wong received the Nokia Best Student Paper Award at 21st IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA) held on May 21-23, 2007 at Niagara Falls, Canada. The paper presents a novel cost-sensitive model for intrusion response that incorporates preemptive deployment of the response actions. 

Specifically, the technique relies on comparing the cost of deploying a response against the cost of damage caused by an "un-attended" intrusion and decides to preemptively deploy a response with maximum benefit. The approach further allows adaptation of responses to the changing environment through evaluation of success and failure of previously triggered responses.