MS Final Oral Exam: Jikang Qu, Virtual

Jikang Qu
Friday, April 17, 2020 - 9:30am
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An Efficient Three-Entity Oblivious RAM Protocol

Cloud storage services are becoming more widely used in recent decades. However, protecting client data access pattern privacy is very necessary because security issues always can not be solved in the real world. Lots of systems can protect storage information from being leaked by data encryption but it is difficult to protect data access pattern privacy with high efficiency compared to non-oblivious systems. Also, lots of Oblivious RAM systems developed by researchers are just proposed but not implemented in the real world because they are infeasible due to high overheads in communication and storage. In this report, we implemented a new Oblivious RAM(ORAM) system which dramatically decreases client storage capacity, lowers communication cost and reduces query delay. We also prove that this ORAM system can simultaneously ensure the protection of client data access patterns.

Committee: Wensheng Zhang (major professor), Ying Cai, and Bao Sheng