ISU Students Qualify for ACM-ICPC World Finals

November 14, 2014

Congratulations to the ISU team of "Trevor Boone, Jacob Smith, and Tyler Uhlenkamp" who have qualified for the ACM-ICPC 2015 World Finals by coming second out of more that 270 teams at the North Central North America regionals contest on Nov 8th! The contest pits teams of three students against eight or more complex problems, with a grueling five-hour deadline. Huddled around a single computer, competitors race against the clock in a battle of logic, strategy, and mental endurance. The team that solves the most problems in the fewest attempts with the least cumulative time is declared the winner. This year, the competition was quite fierce. However, ISU has one of three teams in the entire region that solved all nine problems in the contest (For details see 

A record 39,877 students and 5,138 coaches competed in ICPC and ICPC-assisted competition this year. Only a handful of US teams made to the 2014 World Finals (Dr. Mitra's team was there!). In fact, just to be qualified for World Finals is a world-class feat. The world finals, where about a little more than a 100 teams selected from all around the world will compete, will be held from May 16 to May 21, 2015 at Ifrane, Morocco. It takes many years, sustained effort, strong administrative support, sponsors, and a world-class mentality to achieve such outstanding results. 

All seven ISU teams did really well and placed within the top twenty at the Lincoln Nebraska site. 


Team Name Members  
Run Length Encoding Trevor Boone, Jacob Smith, Tyler Uhlenkamp (2nd out of 272 teams)
NoSuchTeamException Susan Maslo, Alex Pogue, Yuxiang Zhang (14 out of 272 teams)
Deprecated Nathan DrGraaf, Hestia Sartika, Carter Thayer    (21 out of 272 teams)
Incredibly Venomous Snakes    William Emory, Austen Gregor, Zach Hewitt  
Ramrod Zach Adams, Megan Lavey, James McGinnis  
Team H Xiaodong Chen, Yuli Ge, and Monica Kozbial  
Viper Joseph Baker, Zehua Li, Shaun Vanweelden  

Thanks to the support of the Computer Science and Software Engineering programs, our trip sponsor Workiva Inc, Coach Simanta Mitra, Assistant Coach Anindya Das, and Practice Contest Judge Miles Aronnax.