ISU ComS Team Proceed To IEEE-CS CSIDC World Finals

May 28, 2004

Congratulations to three Computer Science Students: Shahzaib Younis, Melanie Davis, and Douglas Houghton. Their team has been selected as one of the top ten teams (out of 247 teams WORLDWIDE) at the IEEE Computer Society's International Design Contest (CSIDC) and will participate in the World Finals in Washington D.C. 25 - 28 June 2004. This is a culmination of an eight month effort starting with their first team meeting on October 26th 2003. On the basis of their interim design report, they had been selected to proceed to the second round of this competition on March 5th 2004. 

This is only the second year that the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University has participated in this worldwide competition. Last year, the COMS CSIDC team had made it to the second round but was not selected for the world finals. 

The effort of the team was strongly supported by the department Chair, Dr. Carl Chang, and other faculty members. Dr. Simanta Mitra is the coach of the team. Professors Johnny Wong and Ying Cai sponsored the team with equipment purchase and made themselves available for project discussion. The System Support Group also provided helps in environment setup such as software and hardware installation.