ISU and TU Darmstadt release a parallelism discovery framework

December 14, 2020

Iowa State University’s Software Analytics and Pervasive Parallelism Laboratory in collaboration with Laboratory for Parallel Programming, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany released the open-source profiling and parallelization framework DiscoPoP, a contribution to HPC and parallel computing community.

DiscoPoP is a framework that helps software developers parallelize their programs with threads. It discovers potential parallelism in a sequential program and makes recommendations on how to exploit it using OpenMP.

Parallelism in a computer program is the ability to run it faster by using more than one processor at the same time. This becomes particularly relevant when there are no other optimization options left such as using a faster processor or algorithm. Given that technical constraints, in particular, power consumption, limit the speed of individual processors, parallelism is a powerful instrument to boost performance. DiscoPoP abandons the idea of fully automatic parallelization and instead points the programmer to likely parallelization opportunities. It derives possible parallel design patterns and propose parallelization constructs to the programmer to parallelize their programs.

The joint research project led by Dr. Ali Jannesari and Dr. Felix Wolf has resulted in numerous publications and is available for the community. For more details on the project please refer to project website:


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