Ibne Farabi Shihab

PhD Student

Ibne Farabi Shihab is a researcher in the REACTOR lab at Iowa State University. He is currently working under the guidance of Dr. Anuj Sharma. His research centers on autonomous snowplow navigation, traffic signal optimization, and road safety concerning autonomous vehicles. Shihab's primary objective is to enhance the navigational capacities of autonomous snowplows, thereby ensuring safer and more efficient winter road conditions. Moreover, his work in traffic signal optimization aims to improve vehicular flow and reduce congestion. Shihab has also delved into the challenges and safety considerations of autonomous vehicles on roads, ensuring their harmonious coexistence with traditional vehicles.

Area of Expertise: 
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Computer Science
B.Sc., Computer Science & Engineering, Brac University, 2018
+1 347 571 4757