The Impact of Social and Cultural Contexts on Users’ Privacy Management

Dr. Yao Li
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 4:00pm
2019 Morril Halll
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Context plays a critical role in shaping users’ privacy attitudes and behaviors. Previous privacy studies mostly focus on physical and technical contexts, such environmental cues and data collection methods. The impact of social and cultural contexts has not been sufficiently addressed. Moreover, existing privacy design mostly focuses on providing users with comprehensive controls over what information to disclose and on educating users about the implications of disclosure, which overloads users with too many technical tasks and rarely changes for different situations without users’ intervention. To address these issues, my research has focused on: 1) empirically exploring the social and cultural factors in users’ privacy management, and 2) providing implications for privacy designs that supports users to achieve better privacy and security, adapts to contextual differences, reduces the technical effort required from end users and goes beyond

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