How to use SSH for Windows Users

To connect to Linux servers like pyrite and popeye, you need to use an SSH client. For OS X users, we recommend running the built-in SSH client from Terminal. For Windows users, we recommend the third-party program PuTTY. This tutorial covers how to use this application.

0. If you have not done so, download and install PuTTY. If you are off-campus, you also need to connect to the Iowa State VPN.

1. Open PuTTY. On the right side, put (or another SSH server address) in the Host Name box near the top and 22 for the Port number.

Putty Info

2. Click Open. You might get a warning about the certificate being unknown or out of date. Click Yes on the warning to continue. This should open a black screen. Enter your IASTATE username and password when prompted. (Your IASTATE username is the first part of your ISU email address: Your password will be the same one used for CyMail and Blackboard.)

Putty Login

3. You're done! You are now connected to the pyrite server and can access your files that are saved on there.

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