In honor of those who helped build this department - a Home Coming!

October 30, 2003

 Carl Chang(current Chair), Dale Grosvenor(Retired Associate Professor), Harry Brearley(Professor Emeritus), Douglas Epperson(Associate Dean), David Oliver(Associate Dean), George Strawn(Retired Associate Professor and former Director), Zora Zimmerman(Associate Dean)A "Welcome Home" reception was held on October 30, 2003, in conjunction with the 2003 International Symposium on Modern Computing in honor of Dr. John Vincent Atanasoff's 100th Birthday. Faculty and Staff took this opportunity to honor our retired and emeritus faculty who helped build the Department of Computer Science at ISU. Deans of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also participated in this heartfelt, warm occasion. Attached is a photo taken outside the Atanasoff Hall for this memorable event. 

Front row from left: Robert Stewart (Founding Chair and Professor Emeritus), Arthur Oldehoeft (Past Chair and Professor Emeritus), Michael Whiteford (Dean), Wayne Ostendorf (Retired Associate Professor and Emeritus Director) 

Back row from left: Carl Chang (current Chair), Dale Grosvenor (Retired Associate Professor), Harry Brearley (Professor Emeritus), Douglas Epperson (Associate Dean), David Oliver (Associate Dean), George Strawn (Retired Associate Professor and former Director), Zora Zimmerman (Associate Dean)