Guillermo Hernandez selected to present his research in the First Annual Iowa State University Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 9, 2007

Guillermo Hernandez, a senior in Computer Engineering, was selected to present his research on Smart Home in the First Annual Iowa State University Undergraduate Research Symposium. Guillermo has been engaged in research with the ISU Smart Home, which is directed by Drs. Carl Chang, Simanta Mitra and Johnny Wong, in collaboration with Computer Science graduate students Ryan Babbitt and Jose Reyes Alamo. The symposium will be held on April 11, 2007 at the Memorial Union on the ISU Campus. The symposium showcased research by undergraduates in a wide range of academic disciplines within the the university. Presenters were selected based on a review of their abstracts by ISU faculty and graduate students with expertise in the relevant areas. 

The Smart Home project at Iowa State University aims to help the elderly and those with special needs by finding novel ways to integrate technology into their homes. This area of research is a rapidly growing field that is motivated by predictions of shortage in health care givers and increases in elderly population in the upcoming years. However, as smart technology is integrated with home life, data of an increasingly intimate nature (e.g. location, video, financial, health, activity, personal preferences, etc.) become available to be monitored, processed, aggregated, stored, and possibly disclosed by smart home systems. To combat the doubt and distrust in smart home technology, it is crucial that existing information privacy concepts be clarified, extended, and engineered into pervasive and ubiquitous systems from the ground level up. Guillermo and his colleagues are working on development of a privacy management framework in order to protect the security & privacy of personal information. The design and implementation of the software prototype for the proposed framework is currently under development.