Graduate Studies in Computer Science

Director of Graduate Education: Dr. Pavan Aduri,

Graduate Program Administrator: Nicole Lewis, Schedule an appointment here!

Graduate Program Learning Goals:

  1. Master core areas of Computer Science (MS, PhD)
  2. Achieve in-depth knowledge in chosen subfield of Computer Science (PhD)
  3. Obtain expertise to perform original research that advances Computer Science (PhD)
  4. Demonstrate ability to communicate technical concepts and research results (MS, PhD)

Policies, Guidelines and Forms

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CS Department Graduate Handbook                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Effective Fall 2020

Effective Fall 2019


All students must read this document to understand the graduate program requirements in Computer Science.

NOTE:  Important Information for your POSC.

ISU Graduate College Student Handbook ISU Graduate Student Handbook                                                        

All students must read this document to understand the graduate program requirements at Iowa State University.

Computer Science Courses

University Catalog - Computer Science Courses                                                                                                                                                                  

Graduate courses, in particular 600-level courses, may not be offered following the guidelines presented in the course description. For information about the courses offered in the current and following semester use Schedule of classes page. This will include schedule of newly developed experimental courses that are not present in the university catalog. For further information about the courses contact the faculty instructor for the course.
Switching from MS to PhD Guidelines  
Forms (MS/PhD, Prelims, etc.)

ISU Graduate College Forms

Research Proficiency Exam Request

(Note: The same form is used to obtain approval for switching from MS to PhD, to obtain approval for switching from PhD to MS and to obtain approval for seeking MS on the way to PhD)
Academic Calendar Semester Calendars All students are responsible for following the deadlines present in the academic calendar.
For Teaching Assistants

OECT Program
TA Handbook Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Students interested in Teaching Assistant position are required to attain the necessary OECT level. All teaching assistants must read the handbook for teaching assistants.