Graduate Program - Conversion from MS to PhD

Conversion from MS in Computer Science at ISU to PhD in Computer Science at ISU

Students planning to move from the MS program in Computer Science at ISU to the PhD program in Computer Science at ISU are required to submit their application via email to (with subject line: 'MS to PhD Conversion') 

  1. Program of Study for MS with (unofficial) transcript
  2. A short paragraph explaining why the student wants to move to PhD program

The student should request the following: 

  • his/her major professor to submit a recommendation letter
  • a graduate faculty member, other than his/her major professor, to submit a support letter for the application.

Both need to be submitted to (with subject line: 'Recommendation letter for ') . 

The recommendation letter from the major professor should describe the student's research progress, potential and capabilities. The letter should also state whether or not the major professor is willing to supervise the student's doctoral work if the student's application in PhD program is approved. 

Three graduate faculty members, including graduate admissions committee chair and the DOGE will provide recommendation to the graduate committee chair. There are three types of recommendations 

  1. Admission to PhD program denied
  2. Admission to PhD program with condition
  3. Admission to PhD program without condition

If the student is notified that his/her conversion from MS to PhD has been approved (with or without condition), then the student is responsible for filing the appropriate transfer form available from the graduate college website within the college-specified deadline:, will review and evaluate the application documents. The evaluators Faculty advisors do not evaluate his/her student's application. If faculty advisor is either the chair of the admissions committee or the DOGE, then members from the admissions committee replace them as evaluators.

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