Giora Slutzki Delivers Invited Talk at Amir Pnueli Memorial Symposium

May 10, 2010

Dr. Giora Slutzki delivered an invited talk at the Amir Pnueli Memorial Symposium, hosted by the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, May 7-9. He presented his forthcoming work (with Jia Tao and Vasant Honavar) on Inverting Proof Systems for Secrecy under OWA, which describes a theoretic model for "inverting" proof systems in order to protect private/secret information. This work expands on his previous work on reasoning about secrecy preservation using "secrecy envelopes." 

Amir Pnueli was one of the most influential computer scientists of our time. He published more than 250 papers, many of them groundbreaking, including the 1977 paper, The Temporal Logic of Programs for which he won the 1996 ACM Turing Award, the highest honor that can be received by a computer scientist. On November 2, 2009, Amir unexpectedly passed away. His loss is felt deeply by friends and colleagues around the world. The Amir Pnueli Memorial Symposium was an opportunity to convene the top minds in logic, verification, and formal methods not only to revisit, but to build upon the ideas which inspired and defined his life's work. 

Dr. Slutzki was one of Amir Pnueli's first Ph.D. students. "He sparked my interest in logic as a powerful tool in theoretical as well as applied computer science, among many other things," Slutzki reflected. Pnueli was a visitor to the ISU Computer Science department as the 2005 Robert Stewart Distinguished Lecturer.