Dr. Shu-Hui (Susan) Chang receives Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Course Best Practice Award for Computer Science Course 103, Computer Literacy and Applications

June 21, 2007

Dr. Shu-Hui (Susan) Chang is recognized by the Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Course Project (ECP) for Teaching Best Practice for her course research and the movement to a fully online format while preserving student satisfaction and success. 

The Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Course Project (ECP) recognizes courses that model best practices in learning, course design, interaction and collaboration, assessment and evaluation, meaningful technology use, and learner support. 

Dr. Chang has been invited to present her research paper, entitled: "Interacting Effectively with 1,000 Students in the Learner-Centered Paradigm" - and also to showcase her course - at this year's Blackboard user conference: BBWorld'07. 

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