Concurrent, Co-Major, or Transfer Students

Concurrent Bachelors and Masters Degrees

The concurrent B.S./M.S. degree in Computer Science offers highly motivated students the opportunity for accelerated study. In this track, students have the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as few as five years of study (ten semesters). The M.S. Computer Science degree has both a non-thesis (industry-based project) and thesis (academic research) option available. Click here for application instructions

Note: Students that declare concurrent enrollment will be classified by the university as graduate students. If you receive an undergraduate-level scholarships, you will need to check with your scholarship provider if you will maintain eligibility if you change to graduate student status.

Concurrent Graduate Degrees

A concurrent degree program is a program of study for two degrees in which the requirements for two separate majors are met. Two awarded master’s degrees require at least 22 hours of non-overlapping graduate credit in each major. If the two degrees are thesis or non-thesis degrees, they require two terminal projects (theses or creative components, respectively). These two degrees do not have to be awarded during the same term, since requirements for each are completed separately. Click here for application instructions.

  • M.S. in one major and Ph.D. in another major
  • M.S. in one major and M.S. in another major
  • Ph.D. in one major and Ph.D. in another major


A co-major is a program of study for a single degree in which the requirements for two separate majors are met. At the Ph.D. level a co-major cannot be added after the preliminary oral examination has been taken. Click here for application instructions.

  • M.S. in both majors
  • Ph.D. in both majors

Transfer to Computer Science Graduate Major

Students who have been admitted to a graduate program and to the Graduate College may request to transfer at a later date to another major or degree. Because graduate students are admitted to particular programs, transfers require the approval of both the receiving program and the Graduate College. Students seeking transfer to Computer Science should first discuss their wishes with the DOGE (Director of Graduate Education) Dr. Pavan Aduri, to determine requirements and interest by the new program. Click here for application instructions.

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