CS students take entrepreneurship and innovation to the next level

March 26, 2021

With the spotlight on them and the clock ticking, computer science undergraduate students Dillon Jensen and Maxwell Smith put their best foot forward in the College-By-College Pitch-Off Finale.  The College-By-College Pitch-Off Finale featured the top-two finishers in each category from the seven colleges at Iowa State. Twenty-four students each delivered a 90-second pitch about their idea or business they are working on to a panel of judges and a virtual audience. Maxwell took first place in the existing business category and received a cash prize of $5,000.

Jensen Applied Sciences

Dillion Jensen presentingDillion Jensen pitched Jensen Applied Sciences (JAS), founded with Cole Jensen in 2019.  According to JAS, "they provide cloud connected monitoring equipment & solutions, primarily for the Craft Brewing Industry."

When asked how being a computer science major helped him with his business, Dillon said, "the courses I have taken at ISU have given me many tools and technical ability that has applied to my business in the real world. I have become more confident, credible, and capable in my programming and understanding of a wide range of technology.  It has been very beneficial to me in my (early) career to understand computers from both the high level theoretical perspective, as well as to use the more practical, lower level skills involving programming and the design of the software. I am looking forward to seeing where it can take me in the long run!"

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SeasonCast Live Streaming Platform

Maxwell Smith presentingMaxwell Smith pitched his company, SeasonCast Live Streaming Platform, founded in 2018. According to SeasonCast, "it is a live streaming platform with the goal of making it easy & affordable to live stream sporting events for youth and high school teams. The platform lets sports teams use their phone to create a professional-grade live stream. It has built in features to make it easy to add scoreboard overlays, real-time stats, and commentary. This is all without needing the normal expensive broadcasting equipment usually required. Today, the broadcasting platform of choice for 3,500+ sports teams in the United States."

When asked how being a computer science major helped him with his business, Maxwell said, "the computer science major has given the required skills to grow my business to where it is today. I think a major factor has been its ability to widened my problem solving skills."

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