CS Project "Computer-aided Quality Control for Colonoscopy" Receives Additional Funding Support

April 10, 2007

A research project on "Computer-aided Quality Control for Colonoscopy" led by ISU Profs. Wallapak Tavanapong and Johnny Wong has recently received funding of $50,000 from Mayo Clinic Rochester, $25,000 from Iowa State Research Foundation (ISURF), and $10,000 from the ISU Institute for Physical Research and Technology (IPRT). The project is to develop a novel software system that automatically derives quality measures that reflect the quality of the examination of the colon during colonoscopy and generates an electronic report. Given millions of colonoscopic procedures performed annually, new computer technology able to aid quality control for colonoscopy in routine clinical practice is needed. In particular, the funding from IPRT will be used to purchase equipment to install and test the software system at a clinic in Iowa. 

This project is research collaboration among the two ISU professors, Dr. JungHwan Oh at University of North Texas, and Dr. Piet C. de Groen at Mayo Clinic Rochester. Part of the above funding will be used to support a team of students participating in this project. The current student team consists of Yu Cao, Danyu Liu, Sean Stanek, Kihwan Kim, Dean Lin, and Bancha Doungratanaex-chai. The project provides the students with research and software development experiences in multimedia processing and medical informatics beyond classroom and local research lab environments. For instance, Yu Cao, a PhD candidate in Computer Science, is currently a visiting graduate student at Mayo Clinic Rochester. In earlier years, he presented his research work at leading conferences in related fields such as ACM Multimedia and International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.