Computer Literacy and Applications (Online)

COM S 103

Offered during Fall and Spring Semesters each year.

Credits: 4 credit hours, no pre-requisites

Course Information

  1. Brief description of the content of the course: COM S 103 focuses on two parts of modern computing: computer literacy and computer applications. The topics of computer literacy include the history of the computer, the impact of technology in today’s societies, hardware, software, software programming, database and information systems, communication and networks, digital media technology and ethical issues, computer security and safety, ethics and privacy. The computer applications consist of in-depth, hands-on experience with the operating systems, Microsoft word processing, spreadsheets, database management and presentation software.
  2. Prerequisites or co-requisites: None

Course Goals

  1. Outcomes:
    • Understand the most up-to-date technology and the importance of computers in today’s business and society.
    • Identify computer components, including hardware, software, network, programming languages, and the World Wide Web, etc.
    • Learn the operating system and personalize their computers.
    • Evaluate and upgrade computing devices.
    • Understand networking and security in the business world.
    • Create digital assets and understand how to legally distribute them.
    • Keep computing devices safe from hackers.
    • Identify the strategies for purchasing a desktop computer, a notebook computer, a Tablet PC, and a personal mobile device, etc..
    • Plan a career in the computer field.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in operating systems and Microsoft word processing, spreadsheets, database management and presentation software.