Mission and Vision

MISSION: Our mission is to excel and to be leaders for creating, sharing, and applying computing knowledge in the state of Iowa, and to be nationally and internationally recognized as having student-centric, innovative computer science education, research, service, and outreach. We aim to be the leaders in building computational and dependable intelligent approaches that address emergent needs of society at large.

VISION: Iowa State has been leading computing since Atanasoff’s invention of the first electronic computer in 1937. We aim to continue this leadership by being internationally and nationally recognized for our expertise in areas of computing such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Theoretical Foundations, and Computer and Networking Systems, and in areas of national priority such as cybersecurity, quantum computing, robotics, and autonomous systems. We will continue to embrace Iowa State’s land grant mission as campus and state leaders, to be trusted partners in cross-disciplinary computing research, forging frontiers in innovation and entrepreneurship. We will inspire and prepare students for lifelong learning and will educate and train a diverse undergraduate and graduate body of students who will have successful careers and thrive in a wide range of rapidly evolving computing disciplines and industries.

Full strategic plan