Congratulations, Teaching and Research Excellence Award Winners

January 15, 2021

ISU Department of Computer Science congratulates the following students for winning the Teaching Excellence or Research Excellence award for Fall 2020: 

Teaching Excellence Awardees

Tenson Cai "has proven to be extremely dependable and efficient. He had to manage and coordinate the work all my TAs and keep 309 team projects ticking and he did that marvelously", Dr. Simanta Mitra for Com S 309. 




Alvin Chon "has been an excellent Teaching Assistant in executing his duties and making less work for the instructor. Without his help, it would be difficult to run the course as smoothly as it has been", Dr. Gurpur Prabhu for Com S 207.




Zach Glanz "immediately impressed me with attitude and dedication to helping teach this class. H his always willing to help students, and often will with the students outside the normal times to help students that are in a difficult situation due to the pandemic", Dr. Jim Lathrop for Com S 327.




Nagaraj Krishna Murthy "has always been eager to learn more and make the teaching experience more competent. Overall, he strives to enable maximum learning capacity for students and a hassle-free environment for fellow TAs to teach", Dr. Adisak Sukul for Com S 113. 




Research Excellence Awardees

Peter Dixon “has worked and made progress on a few fundamental and challenging open problems in computational complexity theory. It is not often that a graduate student has the willingness and tenacity to work and make progress on fundamental problems of the field”, Dr. Pavan Aduri.



Hugh Potter “is a self-motivated individual that has a passion about research and understanding the world around him. Combined with his excellent teaching skills, (he already has a Teaching Excellence award) Hugh will be poised to be a fantastic faculty member in the future who I believe will go on to do great things, and lead others in research”, Dr. Jim Lathrop.

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